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Enjoy the coziness of a fireplace with the convenience of gas logs.

Fireplaces are a classic way to warm up a home, but traditional wood-burning fireplaces require regular maintenance and cleaning, which may be a headache for East Texas homeowners. At Hunt Stone & Fireplace, we offer traditional fireplaces, but we also offer alternatives, such as gas and electric fireplaces. Furthermore, we can supply you with gas logs that can give you the feel of a wood-burning fireplace without the hassle.

Gas Logs in East Texas

Gas logs are ceramic or refractory cement logs that look like real wood logs. These logs are linked to a natural gas or propane gas line in a gas fireplace or log insert. The gas ignites to create realistic flames surrounding the ceramic logs, producing a warm, inviting atmosphere. Gas logs have various benefits that make them appealing to homeowners, including:

  • Convenience. The convenience of gas logs is one of their biggest advantages. There’s no need to chop, stack, and store firewood. A simple switch or remote control is all you need to start and stop the fire.
  • Cleanliness. Gas logs eliminate the mess that comes with traditional fireplaces. This can come in handy when you want the coziness of a fire but don’t have time for extra maintenance.
  • Efficiency. Gas logs are very energy efficient, so you might see lower heating bills as a result.
  • Safety. Gas logs don’t ignite, making them a safer choice for many homeowners. Also, you can easily adjust the fire’s strength to get the look you want.
  • Realistic Appearance. Modern gas logs mimic wood logs, including complex bark and wood grain details. This way, you can choose gas logs tailored to your preferences.

Gas logs are great for  East Texas homeowners who want the beauty of a fireplace without the headaches of a wood-burning setup. Contact our team today to learn more.

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