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Improve the energy efficiency of your wood-burning fireplace.

Fireplace Wood Inserts, East TexasWood-burning fireplaces offer unique charm to your living areas in your East Texas home. Not only do they serve as beautiful focal points and a cozy heat source with flickering flames and crackling sounds, but they also bring a wonderful sense of nostalgia to your space. There are a lot of things to love about wood-burning fireplaces, except perhaps that they lose a lot of energy if they are wide open.

When wood-burning fireplaces are open, the fire pulls heat from the room and releases it into the chimney, which means they are not actually very efficient if your main purpose in having one is to heat the room. However, fireplace wood inserts can solve the problem.

Fireplace wood inserts are essentially sealed, fireproof boxes that are installed on the front of the fireplace. They are typically made of steel or cast iron, as well as insulated glass that allows you to still see into your fireplace. By sealing off the fire, fireplace wood inserts prevent the significant heat loss associated with open fireplaces, meaning you can enjoy the appearance of your traditional fireplace as well as increased practical benefits.

At Hunt Stone & Fireplace, we craft our fireplace wood inserts from premium materials to provide outstanding performance and aesthetic appeal to your home. They are efficient, and we can help you select an option that matches or complements your fireplace and your living area’s appearance.

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